Pistachio belongs to the Ancardiaceae family.  This tree grows in areas where the winter is very cold and the summer is hot and long. Pistachio tree can tolerate different extremes in temperature: Up to 45° C and lower than -25° C.  This plant is very strong against drought and hot weather in summer. Pistachio trees are Second (after the date palm) which can survive for long periods of time without water. Their roots reach Deep into the soil to find water. Depending on the environment, the tree Will start to fruit between 7 to 10 years and continue to fruit for about 80 Years. The most known varieties of Pistachio are: Akbari, Ahamad Aghaei, Fandoghi and Kaleghouchi.

It is a very wide tree and has many branches which spread around it. The crop of this is nearly red or white and grows in a cluster like grapes. There is a hard shell around the edible kernel of pistachio.  

Pistachio Health Benefits

Maintaining a healthy heart and blood vessels is one of the most important things a man can do. several studies suggest that including pistachios as a part of a well-balanced diet helps support healthy cholesterol level in individuals with already healthy cholesterol levels.

More and more men are interested in maintaining a healthy weight as well. According to nutrition experts, a key component to weight maintenance is eating small snacks throughout the day. Snacks are an important part of a balanced diet.Pistachios are a one-stop shop, containing 3 grams of fiber, 6 grams of protein, and 11 grams of heart healthy fat per serving- about 49 nuts. Additionally, pistachios may be even lower in calories than previously thought. Exploratory clinical studies suggest that when consumed in moderation, pistachio may help support healthy blood glucose levels in individuals with already normal blood glucose.

Athlete Health and pistachio Nutrition

Nutrition is important for athletes, whether exercising for health or training for competition. A healthy diet ensures that both professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts are giving their bodies with fuel required to perform their best and recover quickly. Whatever your goals, be sure to consume a balanced combination of carbohydrates, protein, and fat from meals and snacks, and stay hydrated.

 Pistachio nutrition can help. These little green nuts provide a healthy, portable snack option that you can use to fuel up before exercising and refuel after. Protein is a particularly important part of athlete nutrition, helping to build and maintain muscles. In fact, studies have shown that ingesting protein prior to exercise may help to reduce post-exercise soreness. Pistachio has 6 grams of protein per serving(49 nuts). That’s the same amount of protein found in a one-ounce serving of soybeans.

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